Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open all year?

We are indeed! Typically we are open 7 days a week. March - September will likely have a morning experience and an afternoon experience running. October - Feb will likely only have one experience running a day due to the shorter days. Times available will be presented at the time of booking.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes! We offer gift vouchers for all of our experiences and they can be sent over email or posted to you for a small additional fee. They are valid for a year from purchase date, non-refundable but can be transferred to a different person.

Do children have to be accompanied by an adult / Can I bring people to watch?

Anyone below the age of 16 will need an adult with them. Children under 10 will also need an appropriate child:adult ratio as part of the group. Please note everyone will be charged as per the experience booked. This does also apply to those wishing to bring 'spectators'. We are not set up in a way that allows this and the alpacas cannot distinguish between those who have paid and those who haven't. Therefore, everyone who comes to the farm is considered part of your group and will be subject to the experience fee.

Can I just turn up?

No! All experiences have to be booked in advance so we know exactly who to expect and when. 

I want to see the alpacas but not do an experience, is this an option?

The only way to meet the alpacas is through one of our experiences. We are not a petting zoo and therefore not open to visitors arriving at any time of day and walking around the farm. All experiences are fully guided within the paddocks. If your group only wants to see them 'through the fence' then the full fee will still apply. This is the nature of our business and designed to protect our income as an animal care provider.

Can I just hire one alpaca to come to our event?

Nope - we will typically take 5 or 6 alpacas to our 'off farm' events but would never take less than 3. Our hire rate is the same whether you have 3 or 5 alpacas as they're happiest when with each other.

Can I bring people to spectate our experience?

Unfortunately no. We aren't set up in a way to accomodate for spectators. Once a person enters the paddock, they'll be considered part of the group and a fee would be owed. This is the way we have chosen to run our business so please be respectful of this. The alpacas don't know who's paid and who hasn't and it's not fair to those that have paid. Equally, everyone pays to enter the zoo, the cinema, theatres, theme parks etc and this is similar.

Do you have an on-site cafe or gift shop?

Not formally at this stage but hopefully one day! However, we do provide picnics as part of our experience upgrades (further info can be found on the Experience Days tab). Currently our gift shop is online but you can pre-order items to collect after your experience!

Are you wheelchair friendly?

It does depend on the time of year. This is because we are heavily grass based and so the ground will reflect the weather. We recommend wheelchair users to visit in the summer months when the ground is typically dry so easier to travel over.  For any other accessibility questions, please do contact us directly as we appreciate every circumstance can be different and we'd rather talk to each customer specifically about their needs. 

What are your booking terms and conditions?

Our full booking terms and conditions will be sent to you at point of booking. This does cover a wet / bad weather plan.

Do you have toilets?


Are you accessible by public transport?

We are a 10 minute walk away from our nearest bus stop which can be found in Gunton Road, Loddon (services X2, X21, X22).

How can I find you?

On Google Maps, you'll be able to put Stubbs Farm Alpacas in as a destination and it will take you right to our driveway.
If you're using what3words: stencil.seashell.cursing
If you're using a satnav and our postcode, NR14 6EA, then please look out for our signs as you come off of the A146 as it will likely try take you next door.


Stubbs Farm, Stubbs Green




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